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is local portland girl with a true love for hair removal and making peeps feel sassy, svelte, sexy and smooth! i was raised in southeast portland, attended school in both arizona + here in town while slinging drinks in the evening. had a lot of fun and met some of my dearest friends during those years. i found my calling in early 2004 when I attended a naturopathic school for esthetics + shortly thereafter opened up a small skin care studio in northeast ptown – which rocked! i then was invited to go back and teach at my naturopathic college. during my 4 1/2 years teaching i grew immensely as a person, learned more than i could have imagined about my path in the holistic esthetics world and experienced another "light bulb" moment in my life... this, my friends, was sugaring! all the benefits of waxing with none of the drawbacks. once I decided to become a full blown sugarista and to create a welcoming+warm+safe+fun space for all to come to receive this all-natural, non toxic, sweet way to become hairless – it was all over. and sugar me was born.
 t.m.i... i married my best friend + partner in crime. my family is my life and i cherish them deeply. my friends = gold. i enjoy being a stylish hippie dippie local + love to talk to strangers on a daily basis • i love laughing until my belly hurts • watching people in their own element • dancing like a complete maniac • finding every use i can for braggs apple cider vinegar • being a good listener and of course... spreading the sweet, sweet gospel of sugaring. 
a little about me ... i was born and raised in northeast portland. i attended and graduated from grant high school with no definite plans for the future. not quite sure where i belonged i bounced around northeast and southeast portland over the years while working as a receptionist. i knew the life of pushing paper, answering phones and filing was not my calling... what i didn't know is that i had been practicing my passion all along. hair removal. over the years i had been waxing not only myself, but my sisters, cousins and close friends as well. why had i not been doing this professionally? with a little encouragement from my dear sister i enrolled in a naturopathic school for esthetics. it is there where, not only did i meet the most awesome person on earth KATE, but was introduced to sugaring and my life was reborn. i am now a proud sugarista at sugar me, who will never go back to wax!
t.m.i.... i am deeply rooted to portland by my amazing family and friends although love to travel and explore new places.... i desperately want to be bilingual. people watching is one of my favorite hobbies as well as attending shows with amazing live music i can dance to... i am a free spirit and sometimes my outfits are over the top... most importantly i have a life long goal of removing hair all over the world by making Sugar Me international.
A brief history... 2009 With the support of my beloved family. I began my career in the cosmetology industry in Spokane Washington, where I was born and raised. I was able to express my creativity and my love for making people feel good. Through establishing myself as a hair dresser my passion for hair removal only grew. At which point I moved to Portland with my best friend of seven years and soon to be husband, in the pursuit of new beginnings and a change of scenery. I was introduced to a great group of like minded women who exposed me the the eye opening world of Sugaring. I am now totally sold on this natural hair removal process and honored to be a part of the team at Sugar Me.
t.m.i... I love to create things, always thinking “I could make that”. Knitting, sewing, crafting, baking and so on for as long as I can remember. I have a fuzzy pink Tarantula named Rosie. My best times are spent talking, laughing, and being silly with friends and family. I'm confidently a cat loving, bun wearing, old soul. I have long been interested in natural health and beauty remedies that can be found in the kitchen, like Sugaring!
i am … a corn fed midwestern girl that decided to wander west. after growing up in a far western suburb of Chicago and attending college in a near northern suburb of the city, i headed west to see where the world decided to take me. it took me, my friends, to Reno, Nevada. i loved my time there for a number of wonderful, educational and entertaining reasons. including my introduction to sugaring and a true love of esthetics... deciding it was time to continue on in my journey, i moved on to Portland... a city i'd had a fascination with as far back as high school. why, you ask? i do not know. it just sounded *cool. and Portland, you did not disappoint. shortly after arriving, i attended a holistic school for esthetics where i was blessed with not only a stellar education, but met a number of amazing women, including my dear friend Kate. i am honored to share space with these fabulous ladies while spreading the sweet sweet song of sugar.
t.m.i... i love all things crafty and diy... I am a hoarder... of projects.. i have a fabulous cat named sonny who is an awesome spooner... i love wigs + ugly shoes... not necessarily at the same time.. i love to eat... my job is super.
I was born in Visalia, CA, but moved to Oregon shortly after. Though I have had a long time obsession with beauty, I followed another passion of mine, and spent years in the food and beverage industry after graduating from PSU. I recently decided that it was time for a new challenge, and after attending school for aesthetics, I got hooked on hair removal which lead me to sugaring! I'm excited to help you with all your sugaring needs because that's what I love to do!
t.m.i... I also enjoy traveling the world, playing with my dog, and taking trips out to wine country. On my days off you can find me at home reading a book curled up with my man Jamal and dog Sallie.
my story, in brief…i grew up just north of seattle on the sound. after a four year college stint in wisconsin where i studied environmental studies, ate a life’s worth of dairy, and experienced “true winters,” i happily returned to my temperate home, the northwest. i utilized my degree while working at a transportation alternative non-profit for three years here in portland, but realized that sitting at a desk was not for me. my dream of being an esthetician dates back to my young years. at 21 i discovered sugaring and how amazing it is. at 25 i decided it was time to make a change and become a sugarista! i left my desk job, attended the aveda institute of portland, got my license, and happily began slinging sugar at sugar me. i now can’t imagine waking up in the morning to doing anything else!
t.m.i… i believe that almost any food can be made into pie form... i love to make meals for friends and enjoy them over a bottle of wine… i was born in new zealand and have a dream of moving back there someday and opening up my own sugaring salon on the beach... i am a recent convert to tomatoes, and can’t imagine my life now without them... i love to hike, and camp, and be outdoors...